Fixed offers on CDN packages starts from 0.0001$/GB

CDN solutions in up to 44 countries near your target auditory.

Our solutions - scalable platform with dedicated connections, fixed traffic, flexible software. That is suitable for streaming, landing web, learning platforms, photo stocks, video sites.

Price depends on locations. Below price for USA and Europe. Each PoPs - dedicated, speed limited - 1Gbps / 2Gbps / 3Gbps / 10Gbps

Package Price Bandwidth Space For
Start From 0.0005$/GB Up to 2000 TB / month Up to 2 TB (included) For starter webmasters. Small online video sites get all most used CDN features
Advance From 0.0003$/GB Up to 50 000 TB / month Up to 25 TB (included) For solid video platforms
Custom From 0.0001$/GB On demand On demand We will develop custom solutions for you at the best price

Reduced price on CDN

Premium solutions at the lowest prices

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